Breakfast Boxes

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why don’t “they” make breakfast more convenient and portable? Well, we don’t know what “they’re” up to, but here at Milk Street Café, we’ve taken the liberty of preparing breakfast boxes for our customers.

What is a breakfast box? It includes some of your favorite breakfast foods—whether that’s a bagel, a bagel with cream cheese, Avocado toast, or a morning pastry—and sealed it into single-serving packaging. That means you can have the “continental” experience on the go. No eating into your time with a long sit-down experience. 

Think of it as doing “meal prep”—but without having to do the prep yourself. We handle all of that for you by giving you the full bistro experience in a box. You don’t have to “life-hack” your way to better food. There’s no “DIY” here. Just a box full of good food, breakfast goodies, readily available for a quick pick up.

Breakfast Menu

Want to know what you’ll get? Here’s what you’ll find in our breakfast box options:


The “Continental” breakfast box includes a lot. You’ll have a choice of a full-size morning pastry, a fresh bagel served with cream cheese, a fresh fruit cup, and an orange juice. (Keep in mind that for any of these breakfast boxes, you can deduct the orange juice for $2 off).

Boston Strong

The “Boston Strong” option means building your own avocado toast. We offer house-made wheat toast, which can be served with sides of cream cheese, avocado mash, or a sliced hard boiled egg.  Think of it as a “deluxe” version of the classic avocado toast. But it also comes with a side of an individual parfait, and your option of an orange juice.

Charles River Run

Want the great experience of a bagel, but are sensitive to gluten? We offer a gluten free option in the form of the Charles River Run breakfast box. This includes a gluten free bagel served with cream cheese, an individual yogurt, and a cup of berries and grapes. This makes a great alternative to a gluten-heavy breakfast like waffles and English muffins and breakfast sandwiches, but it’s just as delicious.

Breakfast Menu

We also offer a la carte options: morning pastries, parfaits, berry cups, fruit cups, fresh bagels, fat free yogurt, gluten free bagels, coffee, and cold brew.

If you want scrambled eggs and waffles, it’s not hard to find breakfast. You can find it just about anywhere in America. But if you want a delicious breakfast that’s ready for pick up, that’s another thing entirely. We offer breakfast boxes because we know you don’t always have the time to have a great breakfast. That’s why we make our breakfast boxes portable, ready to eat, and include a variety of options so you can feel like you had a great meal without the full sit-down experience.

Want to know more? Browse our full menu of breakfast items to find out what you can have at the Milk Street Café.

Breakfast Menu