Dessert Boxes

If you want any old dessert in a box, you can find it anywhere. You’ll find no shortage of bakery boxes. But if you want a great dessert experience—all boxed up—that’s a different question entirely.

We at Milk Street Café offer our desserts, snacks, and beverages individually sealed in single-serve packaging. But that doesn’t mean it’s the same single-serve experience you’ll get anywhere else. Our take out is designed to go above and beyond the usual “dessert boxes” and give you a slice of our sit-down experience. And we think that if you give them a try, you might think twice about those cake boxes and donut boxes from the grocery store. Here’s why.

The Restaurant Dessert Experience—In a Single Serving

Let’s be honest: there’s something different about the restaurant dessert experience. Cookie boxes at the grocery store are nice and all, but they don’t always include ingredients that taste fresh. And donut boxes or pie boxes might be so-called “convenience” foods, but something gets lost in translation.

Dessert Menu

We at Milk Street Café work to make sure that our bakery boxes are more than just a dessert in a single serving. We want to give you the experience of a great bakery-style dessert in its own custom packaging. How is it different? Because we take our fresh ingredients and our great dessert recipes and do more than slap them in take out boxes. We consider the entire dining experience—even if you want a quick checkout to get you on your way.

It’s not hard to find a cookie box, for example. But finding a Salted Toffee Chocolate Chip cookie like the one we have at Milk Street Café? That’s a different story.

Or consider our Chocolate Trifle. It includes layers of chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, fresh whipped cream, and chocolate shavings. It comes surprisingly easy to eat, even if you want a checkout experience. It’s not the usual experience you can have from “convenience” food or favor boxes. But rather than rely on sheet cake or baked goods slapped into shopping bags, we take time to consider what kind of container is ideal for our dessert experience—and then we make it happen. 

Take Out vs. The Restaurant Experience: Are They Really So Different?

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that you can achieve a lot with a “take out” mentality. People who go to bakeries might be used to looking through that clear window and selecting all sorts of goodies for the road, such as macaron boxes, pastry boxes—even a candy box. But a restaurant’s dessert selection is different. It’s not quite the bakery experience. And yet there’s something seductive about a restaurant’s desserts that you can’t find at a bakery or a grocery store.

What we’ve found is that people love convenience, but they don’t like to sacrifice flavor and quality in exchange for that convenience. And we’ve also found that restaurants like the Milk Street Café don’t have to sacrifice that quality, either.

Delivery is available to the Boston area—Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, and Newton for just a $15 flat fee. 

To get the dessert boxes that tickle your sweet tooth, make sure you consult our online menu to find out everything that’s available.

Dessert Menu