Dietary Information

Heart Smart

Milk Street is proud to offer Heart Smart healthy choices, lower in fat, cholesterol and calories indicated by a pink heart (heart)

Low Carb

Low carb choices with a red triangle indicate choices that are either totally or significantly low carb.

Lactose Free

All Milk Street cookies and brownies are ALWAYS lactose-free. Other baked goods can be made lactose-free upon request. There are two vegetarian made-from-scratch soups served daily. One of the soups is always lactose free.

Gluten Free

Milk Street Cafe offers an assortment of gluten free options. Please feel free to peruse our online menu and use our ‘dietary sort’ feature found at the bottom of every page that offers catering (click ‘expand’ and then ‘gf’ for gluten free) to find all our gluten free options. In addition, some items on our menu may be altered to meet your needs so please call Milk Street (617-542-3663) and speak to one of our highly experienced sales people in our catering department for more information.


Everything at Milk Street is strictly kosher. We have 3 kitchens: vegetarian/dairy, meat and neutral (parve). Every item we deliver is sealed and wrapped before it leaves the particular kitchen it is prepared in and has a label indicating which kitchen it was prepared in.

We are not chalav yisrael but our meats are glatt kosher. There is a mashgiach on the premises.

If you are ordering for a kosher event, please take advantage of our dietary sort, choosing either kosher meat or kosher dairy so that your order will be prepared in only one of those kitchens. Food prepared in the neutral kitchen can be enjoyed with food from either the meat or dairy kitchen. If you have any questions (because it can be complicated!) please feel free to contact us. We’ll be delighted to assist you.