Fun Facts & Catering Clues

Fun Facts

While most of us are fast asleep, Milk Street bakers are busy baking that day’s bread and pastries. You couldn’t get it fresher unless you baked it yourself.

Our focus on fresh, healthy and delicious food is why Milk Street was named one of Boston’s Hidden Jewels by the Phantom Gourmet and featured on the Food Network’s “The Best Of” with Marc Silverstein.

Not only is our food fresh, but we serve a custom blend of coffee micro-roasted locally in small batches, just for us. We then grind each pot right before brewing, just before it comes to you!

Catering Clues

Tent Cards

Milk Street Cafe has pre-printed tent cards for all sandwich platters and pinwheel platters. They can be helpful to stand right next to the platter so people can more easily identify the contents of the sandwiches. You can also request blank tent cards to fill in the names of hot entrees and other items you might like to identify on your buffet.

Email Confirmations

We send email confirmations for every order! If you don’t get one,  please call us. It is a perfect chance to review what we have in our system to make sure we are on the same page and that everything will be to your specifications. (right time, right day, right conference room?)

Diversify your offerings

To add variety, consider partnering a hot entree with a sandwich platter, pinwheel platter or chef’s salad (for 20 people, order sandwiches for 10, hot entree for 10)

Salespeople / menu planning

Every customer at Milk Street has a ‘salesperson’ (based on the company address) that would be happy to assist in menu planning, introducing you to new ideas and menu items and other catering suggestions and issues. If you don’t know who your sales person is, please call Milk Street and we will put you in touch. You’re likely to get a delicious treat out of the deal!

Rotating standing orders!

Do you have meetings every week for the same group at the same time? Would you love to know that it is totally taken care of, with  lots of variety and not have to think about it for 6 months? Call us!! We can create lots of menus, let’s say 10, and apply them for 10 weeks, skipping of course national holidays or whatever dates you tell us. Then in week #11, we would go back to menu #1. You would have email confirmations for each so you would know they are in the system and could access them easily in case you need to make any modifications. Think about how much time you just saved yourself!!!